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UltraOx - Oxygen Generator PSA


The first oxygen production plant completely certified as a Medical Device as per the European Directive 93/42/EEC, with 95% oxygen purity, surpasses the  European and American Pharmacopeia parameters.

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ULTRA CONTROLO's cylinders are manufactured in Europe with TPED certificate. Our cylinders are internally surface treated and cleaned to receive direct medical oxygen.
Oxygen Cylinders
For medical use
The self-contained oxygen ULTRAOC provides oxygen with 93% concentration. Is the best way to have your own oxygen supply at the clinic, hospital, office, oxygen bar, or at home.
Self-contained Oxygen Production Unit
The most advanced fully automatic oxygen filling station in the gas phase. Equipped with the state-of-the-art high-pressure oxygen booster, ULTRACECO HP. High-quality Oxygen cylinders, Made in Europe, with TPED certificate can be provided together with the filling system.
The complete solution for filling oxygen cylinders
The high-pressure oxygen booster ULTRACECO HP was developed to meet the requirements of safe and reliable oxygen compression service with special safety devices and electrical protections.
The Ultimate Oxygen compressor

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